User Guide
Getting Started

Powering On

Momentary press (1 sec) to power on
look for constant red light, this indicates power
look for the heartbeat LED, this means the OS has been initiated
Then the screen will come to life
The very first boot with a newly flashed SD card can take up to 60 seconds, be patient

Powering Off

The recommended way to do this is to issue the poweroff command!This can be done:
  • via the screen and buttons on the front (FPMS)
  • CLI command
  • Cockpit GUI
Or... Long press the power button (2 seconds)
This will force the device to power off without gracefully shutting down, which could result in data corruption


802.3af compliant 12W (2A) Max
5V input / 1.5A Max
Do not use with Qualcomm QuickCharge (QC) power sources, these chargers have the ability to output greater than 5V which could damage components in certain scenarios.
For example, if the battery is completely flat when connected to a QC charger.

Check battery level while off

Bump power button​

LED status indicators

PoE Indicator
If illuminated, PoE is being received
Battery Level (4x)
Battery charge level Charging state
Power LED
Device is powered on
Activity LED
Operating system is initiated
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Check battery level while off
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