Cockpit Admin GUI

  1. Click on Admin

    Unfortunately we do not have an SSL cert in place yet, please continue past the security warning

  2. Login using the default 'first time boot' credentials username: wlanpi password: wlanpi

  3. You will be prompted to change your password, you have to do this to proceed

    If you are stuck for ideas regarding the new password, for the duration of this Deep Dive ONLY consider using your WLAN Pi hostname wlanpi-xxx

  4. The first time you login to Cockpit you will be in 'limited access mode' Look to the top-right corner of the WebUI interface Click on 'Turn on administrative access'

  5. Now please have a poke around, explore what functionality is exposed by Cockpit GUI

Updating your WLAN Pi

Most utilities / functions on the WLAN Pi can be updated through the built-in package management system. This is accessed via:

  • Cockpit > Software Updates

  • CLI > sudo wlanpi-update

sudo wlanpi-update

Checking for updates requires an internet connection


Don't plug your WLAN Pi into the ethernet cable just yet, please

We do not need to check for updates right now

When is re-imaging required?

System level updates will be made occasionally that may require re-imaging your microSD card

If you choose to re-image your SD card with the latest release of WLAN Pi OS, this will come with the latest version of all the default packages.

Timezone Update

Click time, I think you can figure out the rest ;)


The menu option at the bottom of the left side panel is 'Terminal'

For the duration of the DeepDive this web based terminal is going to be our default method for accessing the WLAN Pi terminal

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