Classic Mode

Classic mode is the default mode of operation of the WLAN Pi. Find out more about modes below.

"Classic" mode is the default mode that WLAN Pi boots into with a fresh OS install. It is the mode that is most likely used for 90% of the use-cases that you will have for the WLAN Pi.

The WLAN Pi may be switched in to a number of "modes" that change the primary operating characteristics of the device. This is generally required to change the fundamental networking characteristics of the WLAN Pi Pi to provide a specialized feature that would otherwise clash with the networking setup required for standard, day-to-day operation.

When the WLAN Pi is powered on, the home screen show on the front panel provides useful status information about the unit. If the home screen displays the title "WLAN Pi Pro", then your unit is in Classic mode. When switched to other modes, the current mode is displayed as a title on the home screen.

To switch to other modes, use the menu system on the WLAN Pi. Use the navigation buttons to select the required mode from the "Modes" menu item. Note that the WLAN Pi will reboot when switching between modes.

The other mode available are:

- Server Mode: a lab network server to provide miscellaneous useful functions

- Hotspot Mode: a simple wireless access point

- Wi-Fi Console: a wireless CLI console

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