Bluetooth Pairing

The WLAN Pi Pro has 2 built-in Bluetooth 5.2 radios, in this lab we will go through pairing a smart device to a WLAN Pi Pro to establish connectivity to it wirelessly.

  1. Enable Bluetooth pairing mode on your WLAN Pi Via FPMS: Bluetooth > Pair Device

    Your WLAN Pi will be discoverable for 30 seconds

  2. Grab your smart device (iPhone/iPad, Android) We recommend using your mobile device for this lab rather than your laptop

  3. Switch on Bluetooth and search for nearby Bluetooth devices

  4. Be sure to select your WLAN Pi-xxx from the list of nearby Bluetooth devices

  5. Be patient, your WLAN Pi may take 10-20 seconds to appear

  6. If pairing is successful, FPMS will display a notification indicating the success

  7. If unsuccessful, re-initiate the pairing process by selecting Pair-Device from FPMS

  8. Navigate back to the 'home screen'

  9. You should see PAN: displayed This is your Bluetooth network interface IP address

  10. Open your mobile browser and navigate to the WLAN Pi webUI http://wlanpi-xxx.local

You should see the WLAN Pi WebUI landing page

If you were to perform a LibreSpeed test, right here and now

What would you 'actually' be measuring?

Once paired, you can easily disconnect and reconnect to your WLAN Pi by selecting it from the list of paired Bluetooth devices on your mobile device.

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