Use case

Modular, PoE powered, Wi-Fi 6E capable WLAN Pi. more affordable than the WLAN Pi Pro.

What is it?

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) is the brains of a raspberry pi 4 but without any of the IO ports, instead we start with a 'carrier board' possessing the desired IO ports and we add a CM4 to it.

The board we are testing with the WLAN Pi CE is manufactured by 'Mcuzone', can be purchased from AliExpress here, the solution is still to be validated. We don't recommend ordering one just yet.


  • Sandisk Edge or similar 32 GB or larger micro SD card - From $10.99

  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (we recommend one with built-in Wi-Fi, so we can use the bluetooth module)

  • Mediatek MT7921K or MT7922 (Wi-Fi 6E module)

  • antennas

  • Waveshare screen and buttons

  • GPIO riser

We have identified two Mcuzone carrier boards of interest!

$76 + $12 (shipping) Total $88 USD


  • PoE power input

  • Type-C power (limited, see below)

  • 40-pin GPIO (requires pin header) for display connection

  • Bluetooth works on MediaTek adapters (USB bus is internally connected to M.2 slot)

  • Slightly smaller than the WLAN Pi Pro carrier board


  • No OTG - you can't establish data connection between your laptop and the board via USB

  • No Real Time Clock (RTC)

  • Potentially limited type-C options, varied results in testing regarding power from Macbook Type-C to Type-C or PD charger

  • Only one M.2 slot for Wi-Fi adapters

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