Web Front End

Navigation to the link local address http://wlanpi-xxx.local will bring you to the WLAN Pi landing page. Here you'll find several tabs, we'll reference these later on during the labs.

LibreSpeed - Network Segment speed test

  • Lightweight speed test implemented in javascript that runs in a web browser

  • Works on all modern browsers including mobile

Not to be confused with Ookla Speedtest (we have that too, in CLI form)

If you were to perform a LibreSpeed test

What would you 'actually be measuring?


Displays 'profiled clients' results


WLAN Pi network information dashboard

Admin (Cockpit)

Web based graphical interface for managing Linux


Direct link to the Cockpit Web Terminal

Finally, In the lower right hand corner of this page

You will see your WLAN Pi:

  • Hostname

  • System version

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