WLAN Pi Pro Lanyard

This lanyard allows you to wear your WLAN Pi Pro, and use it as a battery-powered handheld unit.


  • 4x nylon flat washers size M3 x 8mm diameter x 1mm thick - Order locally

  • 2x stainless steel M3 x 9 mm eye bolts - Order here or locally

  • 1x orange lanyard with black text "WLAN Pi Pro" - Order here in the UK or locally


  1. Before installing the eye bolts to bottom Universal Mounting System (UMS), make sure to add 2 nylon washers on each eye bolt. The washers are very important, because the eye bolts are too long. There is a potential risk of eye bolts getting to close proximity to the lithium battery cell.

  2. Screw the eye bolts into the UMS attachment points by hand. We have already installed M3 nuts to the WLAN Pi Pro case for you during manufacturing.

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