User Guide

Front Panel Menu System (FPMS)

This is a 'homegrown' name, it came from the development team
FPMS refers to the screen & the buttons


1.5 inch Color OLED display

All the things it can display:

Header / top menu bar

  • Time
  • Internet status globe
  • Bluetooth status
  • Wireless interface status
  • Battery status

Main Page

  • Operating Mode
  • Ethernet IP address
  • Link connection speed
  • Additional interface IP addresses
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
WLAN Pi hostname


You have 5x buttons at your disposal
  • We think of this array as 4x navigational buttons up, down, left right
  • Centre button is the 'enter action'

What can I do with this FPMS?

  • System > About
  • Battery
  • Date / Time
  • Summary
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown