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WLAN Pi Community Edition
Run WLAN Pi OS on pretty much any RPi hardware
WLAN Pi OS has been primarily built to support the WLAN Pi Pro purpose-built hardware. However, as it has been built on top of the official Raspberry Pi OS, it means that it may also be run on some flavours of Raspberry Pi.
The WLAN Pi team have customized the WLAN Pi OS image so that it will provide a subset of the features available on the WLAN Pi Pro platform. This means that you can burn the WLAN Pi OS image on to a micro-SD card, and insert it in to your Raspberry Pi 4. Once booted, it will be running same image as a regular WLAN Pi Pro device.
There are some obvious hardware differences between the two platforms, so that full feature parity is just not physically possible. However, there are still many useful features within WLAN Pi OS that may be utilized on a Raspberry Pi 4 platform.
We decided to call this approach the "WLAN Pi Community Edition" or "WLAN Pi CE", as it allows a wide range of people in the community to have access to some of the great tools available within WLAN Pi OS on a low-cost platform that is widely available.
Within this documentation, we will refer to a Raspberry Pi 4 that is running WLAN Pi OS as a "WLAN Pi CE", rather than a "Raspberry Pi".
WLAN Pi OS has been tested on the following hardware. Features supported by each edition are captured in this matrix.
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